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Model: BO01
The cross is made of the finest linden wood.The wood is pre-coated with a special varnish that protects from external influences.The cross is cut using laser tehnique.Inside the cross is inprinted with UV tehnique image of saintIt is possible to pack each cross in a box together with wax thread...
6.99 Din. 7.00 Din.
Model: ME09-10
The medallion is made of the finest linden wood.A special mahogany wood color is used which adds to the very contrast and expressiveness of the contours.Inside the medallion, the saint's image is UV printed.The medallion are protected from UV rays, water, high and low temperatures.It is possible to ..
9.50 Din. 10.00 Din.
Model: I04
The icon is made of the finest linden wood.They are cut with the laser technique.In the middle is an icon of the saint UV printed.The icon is accompanied by a pedestal measuring (6.9x2.7)cm.It is possible to pack each icon in a bag together with a decorative card with a Prayer...
49.99 Din. 50.00 Din.
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